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The school of Life Science has a long history in Shandong University with many brilliant achievements. In 1901, when Shandong Imperial College (formerly Shandong University) was established, there were already courses in Biology. Then the Department of Biology was established in 1930. Many well-known scholars served as the Dean of the Department of Biology, such as the entomologist Sheng Zeng, the academician of Chinese Academy of science Dizhou Tong, the marine biologist Chengkun Zeng and the microbiologist Zunong Wang. In addition, several early graduates, who contributed to the development of the Biology program at Shandong University with their profound scientific attainments and great academic achievements, became the members of the academician of Chinese Academy of science like the zoologist Zhiyi Zhang and the cell biologist Xiaohui Zhuang. These accomplishments brought the School of Life Sciences a great reputation both at home and abroad.

Since the reorganization and opening, the School of Life Science of Shandong University has had tremendous development. In March 1996, the original Department of Biology, the Department of Microbiology, the Microbial Research Institute and other units joined to form the School of Life Science. After establishing, the School of Life Science placed the highest priority on building and improving the programs for teaching and instruction. This included strengthening the State Key Laboratory, building the doctoral and masters training programs, focusing on undergraduate teaching and personnel training, and actively developing talent both at home and abroad to lay a solid foundation for rapid development.

In recent years, the School of Life Science ranks at the top of Shandong University in undertaking major national projects, scientific and technological achievements and the quality of undergraduate education. Botany and Zoology, Biology and Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Neuroscience and behavioral science, as well as agricultural science are ranked in the top 1% of ESI. The School of Life Science includes the State Key Laboratory of Microbial Technology, the National Glycoengineering Research Center, the Key Laboratory of Plant development and environmental adaptation of the Ministry of Education, the Shandong Key Laboratory of Animal Cell and Developmental Biology, the Shandong Vegetation Ecological Engineering Technology Research Center, the Biology doctoral degree authorization of Environmental Engineering and Ecology, and the Biology postdoctoral research station.

The School of Life Science is not only a national base for basic science research and education, but also a national talent training base for life science and technology. Currently there are four undergraduate majors: Biological Science, Biological Engineering, Ecology and Biotechnology, and four departments respectively. The school has four research institutes: the Institute of Developmental Biology, the Cell and Genetic Research Institute, the Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and the Ecology and Biodiversity Research Institute.

At present the School of Life Science has a team of 147 staff members, there are 37 professors, 26 associate professors and associate research fellows. Among the faculties, 98.7% have a doctoral degree and 80.5% have overseas research experience for more than one year. Currently, the School of Life Science talent group includes 4 members of the "The Recruitment Program of Global Experts", 6 NSFC Distinguished Young Scholars, 4 State Council Experts for Special Allowance, 1 members of "The Recruitment Program of Global Youth Experts", 1 Taishan Mountain Scholars, 2 Shandong Province Young and Middle-aged Outstanding Contributions Experts, and 5 Shandong Province NSFC Distinguished Young Scholars. So far, there were 592 undergraduate students, 236 master’s degree students, 120 doctoral degree students, and 41 postdoctoral trainers.

There are two teaching and scientific research buildings in the Dizhou Faculty and undergraduate teaching labs in north Huiwen Building for the School of Life Science, with a total construction area of 12,000 square meters in Qingdao campus.

Life science is one of the leading subjects of the 21st century and also the focus of development for Shandong University. It was identified as one of the first key and characteristic disciplines of "Top Disciplines Plan" in 2015. Now the School of Life Science of Shandong University has fully developed and is achieving its best results. All teachers and students are united and work hard together highlighting the positive characteristics and advantages, establishing the scientific and technological innovation, and following the road combining production, teaching and research, which will lead to building a world-class School of Life Science.

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