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Prof. Ming-Yi Bai's Research Group Made Breakthroughs in the Research of Regulation of Seedling Greening by Brassinosteroids 2020/06/04
Prof. Zhao Xiaofan's Group Reveal the Dual Function of Cathepsin D in Tissue Remodeling of Insect Metamorphosis and its Regulatory Mechanism 2020/05/18
Prof. Xiang Fengning's Research Group Make Advances in the Study of the Mechanism Underlying Cytokinin-Regulated Shoot Regeneration in Arabidopsis 2020/05/15
Peiming Zheng's group in the School of Life Sciences makes new progress in the field of sustainable management of household solid waste 2020/03/28
Prof. Guan-Feng Wang's Research Group published a review article about plant NLR innate receptor regulators in Trends in Plant Science 2020/03/23
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